Quest for bite through chicken skin

Tonight I cooked chicken thighs using the method taught to me by Rod Gray at his BBQ class.  I was very impressed by the outcome as I got almost 100% bite through skin on the thighs and the texture was right on.  The best part, though?  It’s a very simple method both in preparation and execution.  I made one change to the method, substituting Stone Smoked Porter & Pasilla Pepper BBQ Sauce. The sauce was just a bit much on the heat, but it was in the fridge and already open so I decided to use it instead of opening a new bottle of the “right” sauce.  I am sure when I use a slightly sweeter sauce the taste will be incredible.

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  1. Hey, don’t leave us backyard cooks hangin’!

    It’s a very simple method both in preparation and execution.

    What are the details? I’d sure like to try it, if I knew how.


  2. Out of respect for Rod, I really shouldn’t publish his method here. However, if you guys join us in DC I’ll show you how i am going to cook chicken. How’s that for a deal? I will tell you one thing he said that really resonated, and that is “overcooked beats undercooked every time”. I was amazed how good the chicken was, and it was by far the easiest cook I’ve done from a preparation standpoint.

    • I guess that’s understandable. Thanks.

  3. Not to sound rude but its a real let down to lead somebody on talking about a great cooking technique then tell them you don’t want to tell them how you did it. If you want to keep a secret about a technique, don’t gas people up about then pull the rug out from under them. My opinion if you paid for the information it’s yours. Its just a bit childish, the whole wanna see what i got…..syke! I’m not trying to be insulting, it’s just an opinion.

    • Well John you know you can take the class too and Rod can teach you how he does it. Go to for details. It’s really not that much of a secret anyway and frankly it’s only a part of what I’m doing now these days.

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