Bel Air Results

Well, the 2010 Maryland State BBQ Bash is in the books.  A great venue, spectacular weather, and a strong field of 59 showed up to compete.  Big props to Cool Smoke for GC and Chix Swine & Bovine for RGC.  I was very impressed by Tuffy’s display of sportsmanship.  He came through our area and personally wished every competitor good luck.  Very classy.  And Mike and Barbara, any time you want us to dog sit Bonnie, we’re available.  Of course, we’ll spoil her rotten, so take that into consideration.  And also big big thanks to Dean Ayers of Pork & Deans BBQ for the fabulous competitors dinner on Friday night.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again out there on the BBQ trail.

For Degüello BQ, Bel Air was a real case of “good news/bad news” results.

The good news (and there was a lot of good news):

We finished in 7th place overall with a 650.8570, our highest total yet, and we were remarkably consistent across the four categories. In fact, from highest category (brisket) to lowest (chicken) the spread was only 2.2854 points, and we were the only team in the field of 59 to score above 160.00 on all four categories. We had two top ten category finishes in brisket (9th) and ribs (9th). And perhaps most significantly, it appears we may have cracked the code on ribs. After struggling to mid-pack category results in Middletown and DC, we decided to cook our ribs on a 22.5” WSM. The temp was spot on, and they came out great. So as of today, we’re an “all WSM Team”.  In the long-term, I have my eye on something bigger.  Although I do think we’d benefit from a stick burner, I know that is no guarantee for results anymore than I’m a great French chef since I bought Thomas Keller’s book The French Laundry.  Plus, we live in a townhouse and until we move we just don’t have the capability to park a trailer smoker of any kind.  For now though, we’re right in the mix with three cookers I can load in the back of my truck.  I’ll take that.

The bad news:

Category calls were 8th and up, so we didn’t hear our name.

Although it would’ve been awesome to get a call, I know we are on the right track. We’re only four competitions into our KCBS competition career, and we’re cooking consistently. There’s always room for improvement, though, so we will keep working hard for the remainder of 2010.

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  1. u have two events listed on your upcoming events page for the 10th and 11th. either way, we’re looking fwd to seeing u in pa!

  2. Yeah that’s a mistake on the second event. Smoketoberfest is on October 17; Shrewsbury is on September 10 though. That would be a short trip for you. If you come I expect you to wear your Degüello gear!

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