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On May 20-21, Degüello BBQ competed in the second annual Middletown Barbeque Cook-off in Middletown DE.  Last year we finished 3rd overall in this competition with calls in three of the four categories so our expectations were high.  Unfortunately, this year didn’t quite live up to expectations.  47 teams competed at this event and Degüello BBQ took 16th overall with no calls.  Congratulation to Black Cat BBQ on their repeat GC.  And huge props to our friends Pork Barrel BBQ for their first ever RGC.  Heath, Brett and Rex have worked super hard and this was long overdue.  Congrats guys!

Here’s the contest rundown:

Chicken: 15th out of 47 (158.2858)

Another disappointing chicken result.  I’m really unsure what took this entry down, but I’m beginning to second guess the chicken I used this weekend.  This brand worked well for me last year, but it tanked the two times I used it in 2011.  If I could put my finger on something I did or didn’t do I would, but I don’t have a clue.

Ribs:  28th out of 47 (145.1430)

I know exactly what happened here.  I put my ribs on 30 minutes early with the idea that if they needed a little extra time to cook I had the option to leave them on.  They didn’t need any extra time, and I completely forgot to take them off the cooker until the usual time.  The 30 extra minutes left me a hot mess of overdone, overly caramelized (OK they were kind of black) ribs.  I tried to cover it with lots of sauce, but all I got were overcooked, overly sauced ribs (that’s what the comment card said too).   Well deserved and probably generous score IMO.

Pork: 15th out of 47 (157.1426)

Puzzled with this one too.  I went back to my 2010 recipe and I liked the tenderness.  It was probably a case of better entries out there so I can’t complain.

Brisket: 12th out of 47 (155.9998)

For the second time in as many weeks I overcooked both briskets.  The taste scores were kind of low again, and I’m beginning to wonder about my flavor profile.  Tenderness scores were better, but I didn’t really like the feel of the slices.  This was a strong category in 2010, so I need to step it up.

Bottom line, we were very disappointed with the overall outcome.  On the plus side, I am pretty sure why we took a step back, and overcooking is easy to fix.  Another great job by Mose Zook organizing this competition and we will be back in 2012.

The best partner in the whole world!

Pork Barrel BBQ Boss Heath Hall directs the troops while he surfs the web for, uh,well I will leave it to your imagination what he’s checking out

Pork Barrel BBQ Reserve Grand Champions!

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  1. Hi!

    Do you accept products to review? I work for a company that makes just-add-water BBQ Sauce, and I’d love to send some your way.

    Let me know, please!

    Side note: sorry I had to comment! I can’t seem to find an email address on here.


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