A Swinetastic Finish


On June 17-18, Degüello BBQ competed in the first annual Swinestastic BBQ Festivalin Frederick MD.  After our disappointing showing at the Middletown Barbeque Cook-off in Middletown DE last month we were hoping for a return to form.  53  teams competed in this event, and Degüello BBQ took 3rd overall with a 2nd place in chicken.  Congratulation to PA Midnite Smokers on their GC and Chix Swine and Bovine huge props for RGC.  And big congrats to Philly Underhogs for a strong 3rd place showing in pork and 10th overall.  Alex is really making a name for himself this year!

Here’s the contest rundown:

Chicken: 2nd out of 53 (168.1628)

I was fortunate enough to get some of my favorite brand of chicken this weekend and made the most of it.  I made one small tweak to my prep and I feel this helped my appearance scores.  The chicken tasted great and tenderness was outstanding.  If I could cook chicken like this every week I’d be happy.

Ribs:  9th out of 53 (165.1426)

These were good ribs.  Not Naptown good, but pretty good.  I ditched the idea of putting the ribs on 30 minutes early that I employed at Middletown and the cook went much more smoothly.  I would’ve liked to place a little higher, but top ten was a good finish.

Pork: 16th out of 53 (161.1426)

We’re just not breaking through on pork.  This is the only category I’ve never gotten at least a top 2 call, and I don’t know why.  I decided to employ a simpler, more basic flavor profile and cook at a lower temp so I could delay foiling and get some mop on the butts.  I thought this was a solid entry, but like Middletown it was probably a case of better entries out there.

Brisket: 12th out of 53 (157.1428)

I was disappointed with this result.  After overcooking brisket two comps in a row I kept a very close eye on temp this time around.  Category scores were all over the mp, with 9s through 6s in appearance and tenderness and 8s through 6s in taste.  Sharon told me she thinks something’s mission on taste, and I agree.  We’ve not made any changes to our brisket flavor profile or prep, so I’m going to look at our meat and cooking process to see if something is off.

3rd place overall was a super result and we were very happy.  In spite of our happiness, we’ve got room for improvement.  This was our third 3rd place finish in the last year, and we need to cook consistently across four categories if we have aspirations of moving up.  Nice job by Chris and Jess Carter organizing this first year event.  We had a great time (except for the hail storm) and we hope to make it back in 2012.   Next up for Degüello BBQ is the Holy Smoke Barbeque State Championshipin Easton MD on July 22-23.

New sign frame I made from PVC pipe. Works great!

I’m going to recruit these two for the team.  Jeffrey and Matt taking an A/C break in our trailer.

Alligator?  Crocodile?  Who knows?  But it’s got an ice cream cone in its paw.  

Miss Annika, who is a Degüello BBQ fan and gave me some nice compliments.  

2nd Place Chicken


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