New Holland “Hurricanefest”

On August 26-27, Degüello BBQ competed in the New Holland Summerfest in New Holland, PA.  Cancellations due to Hurricane Irene’s approach reduced the field to 67 teams from the scheduled 72.  Not exactly a standout performance for us, as we took 26th place in chicken, 9th place in ribs, 53rd place in pork and 23rd place in brisket for a 20th overall finish.  Weather was great on Friday and into early Saturday morning.  By noon on Saturday, the rain and wind began and steadily increased until the awards ceremony, by which time it was obvious we needed to get rolling out of there.  Congrats to 4:20 Q  for taking the Grand Championship.

Here’s the contest rundown:

Chicken: 10th out of 26 (157.7142)

Chicken is a fickle mistress.  Our entry wasn’t bad this week, but I was a little disappointed with the skin as it had more bite resistance than I prefer.  May have had a heavy hand on the rub, too, as we got a comment  card stating our “sauce was spicy”.  No worries here; we’ll continue with our current recipe and prep.  I will ease up on the rub, though, especially as we go north into Pennsylvania.

Ribs: 9th out of 67 (164.5714)

After two 3rd place finishes in a row on ribs, we were bound to have a little drop off, but 9th in a field of 67 is still a good result.  I’m still dealing with the  low initial temp issue on the WSM but have devised a work around that keeps temp up until it stabilizes on its own.  We’ll keep things the same here.

Pork: 53rd out of 67 (148.5712)

Youch!  From 2nd to 5th in August to 53rd today wasn’t much fun.  Not sure what happened here, although I took a look at pictures of our box and it did not look particularly appetizing.  As for the actual raw scores, they were all 7s and 8s with no comment cards.  So we will mark this up as a day where there were many better submissions and stay the course.

Brisket: 23rd out of 67 (159.9996)

Good, solid brisket that just didn’t break through for better results.  The box was a little less artful than our 1st place box in Bluemont last month, but still no worries.

After a really hot run this summer of two 3rd place overall finishes and one Grand Championship, we were due for a bit of a letdown.  Aside from going easier on the chicken rub and a little closer attention to box construction, though, we’re happy with things as they are.  Next up for Degüello BBQ is the Southern York County BBQ Cook-Off in Shrewsbury PA on September 9-10.

This is not beer

Don’s Baklavas on the WSM

The finished baklavas

Freaky Gnome

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