Shrewsbury Recap

On September 9-10, Degüello BBQ competed in the third annual Southern York County BBQ Cook-Off in Glen Rock PA.   With 28 teams competing, we took 13th place in chicken, 1st place in ribs, 20th place in pork and 1st place in brisket for a 5th place overall finish.  After dealing with Hurricane Irene in New Holland, the weather this weekend was a very nice change.  In addition, we were very happy to post two category wins in ribs and brisket.  On the downside, this was the second poor pork result in a row.  Hearty congratulations to Pigs In Blankets for their first Grand Championship and Thick and Saucy (I just love that name) for taking the Reserve Grand Championship.  As always big props to Alicia Herbst and Ben Kauffman for putting on a superb event.  And a special thanks to Joe Oaster for coming out for awards.  It was great to see you again, Joe.   

Here’s the contest rundown:

Chicken: 13th out of 28 (157.7140)

The fickle mistress known as chicken continues to taunt us.  Another solid entry, but just middling results.  We had smaller thighs this week, and I did go easier on the rub as well.  I also cooked a batch of drumetttes and wings, but I decided not to turn them in as they were a little bland.  In retrospect, maybe I should have, as I’m beginning to think that PA judges are not responding to our (admittedly) bold chicken flavor profile.  We’ll stay the course, however, as we’ve hit on this prep and profile several times this year.

Ribs: 1st out of 28 (166.2858)

Ribs are right on track.  They tasted awesome, and they had great tenderness.  As much as our friends in PA have shown indifference to our chicken and pork (more on that later), they’ve responded well to our ribs.  We took 2nd in ribs here last year, and now we’ve got a 1st place trophy to go with that one.  One big problem we had to deal with; the door handle on the WSM broke about an hour into the cook and we were unable to lock it in place.  I had to wedge it in place and periodically replace it when it fell out.  Looks like it had little effect on the ribs, though.

Pork: 20th out of 28 (148.0000)

Wow, I am really at a loss here.  Two pork clunkers in a row is concerning.  Again, I was happy enough with the taste and tenderness.  As for appearance, the box presentation was much better than New Holland, where placement of the money muscle and pulled made our entry look a bit like a part of the pig no one would want to eat.  I’m still not ready to make any changes, as we had two outstanding results with that prep and flavor profile in July.

Brisket: 1st out of 28 (166.8570)

This was a really good brisket, and it was awesome to have won this category here in Shrewsbury for the second year in a row.  Big props to Don Chomas for scoring a beautiful brisket for me in Annapolis at My Butcher and More since I’d used up all my briskets from Central Meats.  That was the winner, Don!

Overall , we were happy with today’s results.  Actually we were very happy, as any day we can win two categories is a good one.  But the goal is to cook consistently across FOUR categories, and we came up short there.  Next up will be a much harder test, as we will be in Chesapeake VA for the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Qualifier.  Consistency, consistency, consistency………..

Our version of Charlie’s Angels
Nice hat Ben! BTW I have one exactly like it at home…
1st Place Ribs courtesy of the broken door WSM 
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  1. nice read. Congrats. Good luck in Laural.

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