4th Annual Southern York County BBQ Cook Off

On September 7-8, Degüello BBQ competed in the 4th annual Southern York County BBQ Cook Off in Glen Rock PA. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been to this competition for three years now, and it is really one of our favorites.  Alicia Herbst, Ben Kauffman and Joe Oaster always make this a fun weekend, and we will make good on our promise to visit you at the market again soon.  Certainly sooner than the 5th Annual Southern York County BBQ Cook Off! With 29 teams competing, Degüello BBQ took 8th place chicken, 3rd place ribs, 16th place pork, 14th place brisket and 12th place overall.  Congrats to Smokopolis for  GC and Drilling and Grilling for RGC.  Here’s the contest rundown:

Chicken: 8th out of 29 (158.2856)

Incredibly, the first AND last chicken call we have ever received in the state of Pennsylvania was in 2010 at this very competition.  That was a pretty good day, and although we didn’t finish as well overall this year it was good to break the Pennsylvania chicken draught.  I thought our chicken was good, and although I would’ve preferred a better finish it was good to hear our name right off the bat.

Ribs: 3rd out of 29 (166.2858)

Ribs were outstanding, and I was happy with the 3rd place finish.  We hit early and often on ribs in 2011, but in 2012 the category has been a little less consistent early in the year.  Not to worry, however; I looked at our last few rib cooks, made two small tweaks to the cooking schedule, and it paid off.  Great taste, tenderness was right on and in a nod to the famous 3Eyz ribs comment card of Middletown 2010, I thought they looked almost like “artificial food”.  We’ve gone 2nd, 1st and now 3rd on ribs at this comp over the past three years  so we will stay the course.  Incredibly, our 2011 1st place ribs raw score was 166.2858, identical to the fourth decimal point.

Pork: 16th out of 29 (148.0000)

Pork continues to struggle. On the plus side, we did better this year than in 2011.  Unfortunately, last year we finished 20th.  And, almost inconceivably, our 2011 pork raw score was……148.0000.  Yep ,the second category where we had an identical score to four decimal places two years in a row.  Sharon and I talked about this category a lot over the weekend, and she thinks that for whatever reason we’re just not getting enough flavor.  I think that the sliced portions going in the box are still a tad overdone as well.  Pork looks good and it’s plenty moist, so we will look at how to get more flavor and keep a closer eye on the doneness.  I still believe it’s little things that are hurting us, so I will resist the urge to make any big adjustments.  Not that’s it’s going to be easy, however…….

Brisket: 14th out of 29 (149.1430)

Easily the biggest disappointment of the day.  We’d won this category two years in a row, so I went back to the same recipe and prep I used in 2010 and 2011.  Despite my best efforts, though, this brisket just wasn’t up to previous year standards.  It wasn’t bursting with flavor, and shockingly it was a little overdone.  Even so, I was hopeful we’d hear our name.  But mediocre brisket gets a mediocre score and for the first time in three years in Shrewsbury we whiffed on brisket.

Today was a classic example of our recent performances.  We’re really hitting on chicken and ribs while struggling on the big meats.  If we were competing in the Kansas City Chicken and Ribs Society, we’d be killing it.  But this is a four-meat society, so we’ll look at our recent results and try to make a few adjustments.  Next up for Degüello BBQ is the inaugural Smokin’ on the Track BBQ Festival in Shenandoah VA.

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